Nextool is a GTD-oriented task manager you can trust.

Simplify your reviews by automatically identifying stalled tasks, and use nested projects to plan ahead with a single tool.

You need a system you can trust. That's why Nextool is based on David Allen's proven Getting Things Done methodology. Nextool borrows all the best parts of GTD from other tools like OmniFocus or Nirvana, but adds new features that aren't possible with pen-and-paper.

Humans are forgetful. To make sure you actually do the things you need to, Nextool automatically identifies and collects stalled tasks, so you can waste less time on manual reviews and get back to the stuff that actually matters.

Traditional GTD is focused on tasks that are actionable here and now, relegating future plans to the infamous Someday list. But thanks to Nextool's nested projects and arbitrary inter-task dependenciesWIP, it can automatically pick out the actionable tasks from the rest.

There are no tasks in this view.

1. Capture

Capture everything to the inbox immediately, so you never have to remember anything for longer than it takes to write it down.

2. Clarify

To break down larger tasks into actionable chunks, use nested tasks. Nextool highlights non-actionable tasks as "stalled".

3. Organize

Keep track of projects, use due dates and planning to schedule tasks, and track delegated tasks.

4. Review

Nextool automatically marks tasks as stalled when there's nothing to do. As long as there aren't any stalled tasks, you're making progress.

5. Act

Use contexts to show only tasks that can actually be done right now.

Nextool is made by Jonas Hvid. You can write to me at If you like Nextool, consider donating on Ko-Fi – all donations are appreciated!